Premium Free is YOUR 100% FREE multichannel TV bouquet… because the best things in life are free! The Premium Free Africa bouquet offers an exciting collection of FREE premium quality entertainment TV channels. All the channels are supplied by AfricaXP, the leading independent African creator of themed TV channels.

Our channels are made in Africa, by Africans for YOU the African viewer, showcasing the cream of African production and local language talent together with the best international programming on offer. Selected to meet the needs of the whole family, the Premium Free offering includes channel themes like Hollywood Movies, African Movies, Series, Kids, Telenovelas, Sports, Comedy, Lifestyle, Documentaries, Faith and Education. The channels will be adjusted based on YOUR feedback on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media – making Premium Free the perfect choice for YOU. Premium Free– made especially for YOU by people who care about what you want to watch.


Premium Free will become the default multichannel satellite TV offering in every African household, in every African country. It will bring African TV viewers the best free TV bouquet in every market, and will be better than comparable Pay-TV bouquets – so that viewers end up asking the question: Why pay? Just watch! Premium Free.